1. ahogenhaven shared this 2 months ago

    Vets are using 3D printing to help pets

    3D printing can truly change the world for better, whether by saving the life of a baby, giving an injured bald eagle a new beak, or helping saving duck Buttercup's life by giving him a new foot. 3D printing is used to help animals in the same way it helps human. In an Australian first, Southpaws ..

  2. Sink_Hacks shared this 2 months ago

    A 3D Scanned and Printed Bust of Myself

    3D printing has gone from science-fiction staple to a technology that is becoming relatively affordable and easy-to-use for people from all backgrounds. Recently, I was inspired by the Autodesk software package 123D, and its application for the iPhone, 123D Catch. I decided to make a 3D-printed bus..

  3. Proto3000 shared this 2 months ago

    Digital Dental Solution Providers as a Partner

    Steve Bulwa addresses the challenges of selecting a provider given many overlaps in product offerings...

  4. alex@proto3000.com shared this 2 months ago

    Solid Edge Becomes The First CAD System to Publish Directly to GrabCAD

    Solid Edge and GrabCAD have teamed up to make sharing CAD files easier!..

  5. Proto3000 shared this 2 months ago

    Will 3D Printed Shoes Be the Next Big Thing?

    3D printing has made quite an impact in the fashion industry; the technology has not only enabled new and innovative styles but also ergonomic and comfortable designs to be created. 3D engineering is helping shoe manufacturers all improve design and production performance. Athletic brand, New Balanc..

  6. Proto3000 shared this 2 months ago

    3D Printing and the Automotive Industry

    Cars look completely different from how they used to; recently, a lot of automotive manufacturers have changed the appearances of their cars with the aid of 3D engineering. Some companies in the automotive industry has been utilizing forms of 3D printing since the 1980s as it reduces the amount of l..

  7. Proto3000 shared this 2 months ago

    3D Printing Fear into a Man of Steel

    Everyone knows his weakness - his only flaw. But that didn't stop us! With the latest Superman movie - Man Of Steel coming to theatres on June 14, we decided to put a 3D spin on it!..

  8. Proto3000 shared this 2 months ago

    3D Wheels Are In Motion

    We scaled down and replicated model of a 1927 Model A Ford!..

  9. Stromgren shared this 2 months ago

    BotQueue v0.3 = Webcams, Pausing, and More!

    Coming quickly on the heels of the last release, the latest v0.3 release of BotQueue adds some really exciting new features that make it much nicer to use. I hope you enjoy this new version as much as I do. Be careful though, the new webcam feature is addictive – you can watch your machine from an..

  10. Stromgren shared this 2 months ago

    Startup Trindo develops 3D printed phone case with smart clipping system

    TrindoCase allows you to design you own cases using its online Configurator. You can generate new forms using all functions of this simple drawing software, such as pencil, circle, spline, eraser and text. This online Configurator is still under development and scheduled to be online in August 2013..


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